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After I decided to leave my job as CEO, I made it a priority to really take a moment and think about what comes next. During this time, I reflected a lot, talked to different founders, and took a closer look at a couple of companies. The patterns I’ve seen are always the same, often lacking a clear plan, a focus, as well as not knowing how to build organizations.

You know what? It happened to me, too, when I was trapped in operations. It would be all the more important to have someone to help during those times, provide some leadership, and have the right tools at hand. That saves time, gives security and peace of mind, and ultimately leads to success and happiness,

With almost 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and co-founder of five companies—a unicorn and apps with millions of users—I decided to change my focus and advise other founders and leaders together with a team of experienced business leaders and specialists.

As an entrepreneur, it always made me happy to have an impact. Now, it makes me incredibly happy when I see how entrepreneurs become more comfortable and practical as a result of our collaboration.

Boris Manhart, Founder
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  • Boris Manhart

    Founder, Advisor

    As the co-founder of five companies and Switzerland's CEO of the year 2021, Boris has many years of experience in company building and leadership. In addition to his work, Boris has shared his experiences as a board member and guest speaker at IMD Lausanne.

    #Strategy #Execution #Product #People #Leadership
  • Juan Cabello

    Finance Advisor

    With more than 10 years of experience in finance and business strategy. Juan developed strong analytical thinking and became a change catalyst. He is a strong finance business partner to many startups and has a reputation to drive performance and team development.

    #Strategy #Finance #Fundraising #Business Development
  • Stephan Bachofen

    Tech Advisor

    Stephan understands what it requires to bring a high-quality software product from scratch to life with over two decades of engineering leadership and hands-on experience building digital solutions for various industries and company sizes.

    #Technology #Product #People #Leadership #Nearshore #Outsourcing #Itstrategy
  • Joël Capt
    CEO & Founder at Realgrowthhacking
    #growth #product-market-fit #piratemetrics #growthstrategy
  • Jan Knarr
    Founder Knarrtext
    #contentstrategy #contentmarketing #copy #socialmedia
  • Michel Bauer
    #UI #UX #Branding #Visualdesign
  • Dr. Daniel Plews
    Sports Scientist, world-class Coach, and Entrepreneur
    Boris has clear "big picture" thinking, seeing companies with a helicopter view with a great understanding and what does and doesn't matter to achieve company goals. 
  • Vanessa Dilg
    Product Manager
    Boris is a great mentor, always open to discussing ideas, and supported me during my transition to product management. I enjoyed working with him, and I learned a lot from him.
  • Stefan Michel
    IMD Professor of Marketing and Strategy 
    We meet regularly and share notes and it’s impossible to spend time with Boris and not learning something new and interesting.
  • Pascal König
    Serial Entrepreneur
    Boris is a great entrepreneur: Passionate, hard-working, resilient. His knowledge in product – bringing together the view of customers with deep technical and marketing expertise – makes him stand out.
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