90% of startups fail, but it doesn't have to be that way. At GROWTH UNLTD., we don't just offer advice; we provide active guidance. Imagine having a seasoned co-pilot who helps you navigate the entrepreneurial chaos, so you can focus on what truly matters for your startup's success. Ready to defy the odds? Let's get started.
  • Boris Manhart

    Boris is a seasoned entrepreneur who's co-founded five ventures, including a unicorn. He advises startups globally on venture building, product-market fit, and scaling. Boris is a startup strategist at IMD Lausanne, a top-ranked business school, and a guest speaker at Stanford. He's recognized as one of Switzerland's 100 Digital Shapers by Bilanz.
  • Marc-Olivier Pittner

    Marc is a seasoned entrepreneur specializing in online marketing. After successfully exiting his last venture, he delved into the corporate world for a decade, founding venture builder PG Lab. With a technical background and a knack for problem-solving, Marc has built leading platforms and marketplaces. As a board member, consultant, and futurist, he empowers teams and individuals to excel.
  • Allison Sarno
    15+ years in interactive design.
    Offers insights into user-centered design.
  • Ansuya Ahluwalia
    Amazon, Swisspreneur Co-Host
    Consults on machine learning and technology strategy.
  • Dario Salice
    Ex-Google & FB/Meta
    Oversees cybersecurity measures and strategy.
  • Joël L. Capt
    Founder Peakora
    Advises on Growth Marketing and CRM.
  • Lea von Bidder
    Founder Ava and Expeerly
    Advises on GTM, customer acquisition, and retention strategies.
  • Lynda Smith
    Past Twilio CMO, Stanford
    Mentors on GTM
  • Pascal König
    Founder Ava and Malaica
    Advises on fundraising and venture scaling.
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