The Fast-Track to Product-Market Fit
An Accelerator Designed by Founders, for Founders
Most Startups Fail Due to Lack of Product-Market Fit - don't be a statistic.
We're proven entrepreneurs who specialize in fast-tracking your path to Product-Market Fit. Your startup won't just survive with us; it'll thrive, scale, and break boundaries.
  • Data-Driven Approach
    Zero in on what truly matters.
  • Entrepreneurial Expertise
    Navigate the startup maze with pros.
  • Save Time and Money
    Ditch the trial-and-error.
Our Formula for Achieving Product-Market Fit and Sustained Growth
To tailor the program to your needs, we always start with a in-depth business assessment.
Identify profitable markets and niches through comprehensive data analysis and market scanning.
Zoom in on markets worth your attention and pinpoint the customer segments most likely to purchase your solution.
Clarify your unique selling points and test them against market demand to ensure you’re hitting the mark
Engage in a cycle of building, measuring, and learning. Each iteration brings you closer to a product that truly serves your customers.
Learn how to set prices that maximize both profit and customer acquisition, and position yourself attractively for a seed funding round
What You'll Get
  • 3-6 months intense boot camp program​
  • A tried-and-true launch blueprint
  • Comprehensive training & resource hub
  • Coaching from startup veterans
  • Access to a network of experts and trusted operational partners
Startups We're Working With
Medzie is an AI-based marketplace for medical staffing.

Colivar is a platform by women to make women financially independent.
Agree is an online decision-making tool for the new work era.
Grownate enables its users to make a positive impact through everyday purchases.

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  • Boris Manhart

    Boris is no stranger to the startup world—having co-founded five ventures, one of which reached unicorn status and another that became a go-to shopping app with millions of users. He’s lent his expertise on venture building, product-market fit, and scaling to startups globally. He is an advisor, board member, and startup strategist at IMD Lausanne, one of the world's top-ranked business schools. He’s also been named one of Switzerland's 100 Digital Shapers by Bilanz.
  • Marc-Olivier Pittner

    Marc is a seasoned entrepreneur specializing in online marketing. After successfully exiting his last venture, he delved into the corporate world for a decade, founding venture builder PG Lab. With a technical background and a knack for problem-solving, Marc has built leading platforms and marketplaces. As a board member, consultant, and futurist, his driving force is empowering teams and individuals to excel.
  • Ruben Feurer
    The team's vast experience in identifying product-market fit helps us to move forward with fewer detours. Their approach keeps us focused on what's important.
  • Mahnoosh Mirghaemi
    Founder Colivar
    GROWTH UNLTD. helped me understand the market and who my clients are and enabled me to create the tool that relieves my clients’ pain points.
  • Dr. Dan Plews
    Founder EndureIQ
    The GROWTH UNLTD. team sees companies with a helicopter view with a great understanding of what does and doesn't matter to achieve company goals.
  • Erjena Keller
    Founder Medzie
    GROWTH UNLTD. has provided practical frameworks to me, and my team could apply them in real-world scenarios. Boris and his team have a strong network which is incredibly valuable.
— Who should apply to the program?
— Pre-seed founders actively working on an idea or a product.
— What are the terms?
— Our coaching program offers a range of valuable resources to help you achieve your business goals. You can access our template platform, 1-on-1 coaching, support and advice availability, and our Slack channel with the program. Our coaching program starts at CHF 1.500 monthly for at least six months, with an additional assessment fee of CHF 1.200.
— What are the goals of the program?
— Our passion is your goal: Getting to product market fit. With a validated product and paying customers, it's time to start growing your audience and scaling your business to reach even greater heights!
— How does the collaboration work?
— You will get tailored 1-on-1 coaching weekly or bi-weekly with access to 25 years of entrepreneurial knowledge. Benefit from cutting-edge frameworks, templates, and methodologies successfully applied to numerous startups while learning to use these tools. Questions? Get feedback anytime via our Slack channel, interact with other founders, and benefit from the collective wisdom of our community. And our Miro templates support efficient task execution, whether you're working remotely or on-site.
— What differs our program from others?
— As entrepreneurs, we provide guidance beyond mentorship, helping founders achieve product-market fit and implementing best-practice frameworks. Our curated frameworks, templates, and methodologies have been tried and tested by numerous startups, and we'll train you to use them effectively. With our network of founders, service providers, and investors, you can benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of our community to help you succeed. Most importantly: We walk the talk.
— Why should I apply?
— You will reach product-market fit massively faster by focusing on what matters, having an experienced entrepreneur beside you, understanding and leveraging data, and implementing the right tools.
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