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Together with co-founder Marc Pittner, Boris established Growth Unltd., a network of entrepreneurs and experts dedicated to helping companies identify market opportunities and thrive through strategic execution. Boris is a seasoned entrepreneur who's co-founded five ventures, including a unicorn. He advises startups globally on venture building, product-market fit, and scaling. He serves as a startup strategist at IMD Lausanne, a top-ranked business school, and as a guest speaker at Stanford. Boris is also recognized as one of Switzerland's 100 Digital Shapers by Bilanz.
With extensive experience in building companies and achieving market success, Growth Unltd. has honed a proven approach to guiding startups and scaleups through their most critical growth phases. Their expertise centers on developing strategic product-market fit, enhancing internal and external communications, and securing optimal financing structures. Additionally, Growth Unltd. specializes in executive search, ensuring digital businesses attract and retain leaders capable of driving innovation and competitive advantage.
Boris has frequently been featured in both international and national media, discussing topics from his entrepreneurial journey to strategies for business success. His expertise in building startups and achieving product-market fit has attracted widespread attention, leading to numerous appearances on podcasts and in press articles.
Throughout his career, Boris has been fortunate to receive recognition for his contributions to the business and tech communities. In 2023, he was honored to be named among Bilanz's Top 100 Digital Shapers in Switzerland, acknowledging his commitment to digital innovation. His involvement in technology was further recognized in 2020 when he became a CES Innovation Award Honoree. Additionally, his engagements as a guest speaker at esteemed institutions like Stanford University have provided platforms to share insights and foster dialogue on entrepreneurship and technology.
Growth Unltd.'s methodologies are designed to accelerate the journey to success for entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools and strategies they need to thrive independently. It's about enablement, empowering founders to implement these techniques independently. This approach ensures not just short-term gains but the establishment of sustainable, long-lasting business practices. Through this structured support, Growth Unltd. guides entrepreneurs to not only envision their success but also to achieve it through practical, actionable steps.
Growth Unltd. is honored to collaborate with exceptional entrepreneurs and esteemed brands such as Soeder, Qai Ventures, Innoqube, Peakora, and EBP. These partnerships reflect a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in various sectors, driving forward our mutual goals of sustainable growth and market leadership.
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