We guide startups to product-market fit and help companies to scale. 
Achieve Your Growth Goals Faster And With More Ease
  • Scale Faster
    Our tailored program based on an in-depth business assessment focuses on building the missing elements for successful company building.
  • Avoid Pitfalls
    We help you minimize the risk of failure by combining 25 years of experience in company building with a proven step-by-step program and the latest insights.

  • Focus on Impact
    Don't waist your time on research the right frameworks. We'll provide you with curated templates, easy-to-understand explanations, and 24/7 advise via our Slack channel.
Free your Mind and Imagine
  • …getting rid of the constant hassle and focussing on the important things instead
  • …communication with your team, investors, and partners suddenly being crystal clear.
  • …being the best leader you can be—by knowing exactly where you want to go.
  • …having the right tools and methodologies ready and being confident to use them.
  • ...enjoy effective alignment with your team.
The Entrepreneur-As-A-Service (EAAS) program empowers founders and leaders by applying over 20 years of experience in company building.

EAAS is a modular, affordable program tailored to your needs and focussing on the critical elements to scale.

It's your step-by-step guide to building a successful company.
How it Works
Understanding your Business
To tailor the program to your needs, we always start with a in-depth business assessment.
Individual Approach
After that, we focus on the missing elements for successful scaling, whether it's strategy, people, leadership and culture, product and product-market fit, marketing and growth, innovation, and fundraising. 
Coaching Sessions
Have an entrepreneur by your side who has already done this before and benefit from tailored 1-on-1 coaching.
Fill the Gaps
We give you the tools and guide you through clearly defined steps, including remote team workshops to reach your goals.
Learn and Grow
Grow your company by understanding and levaraging data, building cutting-edge skills, and focussing on making your dream come true.  
And We Also Do Hands-on Consulting
If you don't have the capacity to implement the program yourself or have very specific challenges, we also offer consulting services that either complement the program or can be booked exclusively.
Our consulting service is suitable for developing a strategy on-site with your team via workshops or the active support of its implementation and optimizing the marketing mix, or internal collaboration. You can expect hands-on support but always with a helicopter view.

And most importantly: You will see immediate results.
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