Together with co-founder Marc Pittner, Boris established Growth Unltd., a network of entrepreneurs and experts dedicated to helping companies thrive through strategic execution. At Growth Unltd., we provide more than advice—we offer hands-on guidance. As experienced founders and CEOs, we understand your challenges and act as seasoned co-pilots, navigating the entrepreneurial chaos with you, focusing on what truly matters for your success.
Boris is a seasoned entrepreneur who's co-founded five ventures, including a unicorn. He advises startups globally on venture building, product-market fit, and scaling. Boris is a startup strategist at IMD Lausanne, a top-ranked business school, and a guest speaker at Stanford. He's recognized as one of Switzerland's 100 Digital Shapers by Bilanz.
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Marc is a seasoned entrepreneur with a specialty in online marketing. After exiting his last venture, he spent a decade in the corporate sphere, founding the venture builder PG Lab. With a technical background and strong problem-solving skills, Marc has developed leading platforms and marketplaces. As a board member, consultant, and futurist, he empowers teams and individuals to excel. Currently at Swisscom, Marc serves as a sparring partner and advisor to Boris.
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No matter what your needs are, whether it's marketing expertise, fundraising guidance, or sales strategies, we have a suitable expert ready to help within our extensive network. We're committed to providing you access to top-tier experts who can propel your business forward effectively.

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