Success Story: Helping IMD founders turn their business ideas into reality
As an IMD startup strategist, I have had the privilege of working with some amazing founders who have taken the leap from corporate life to start their own businesses.
One such founder is Erjena Keller, who came to me with doubts about starting her own business. But after our first in-person meeting, she presented a fully validated business idea, a team ready to go, and a deep understanding of her customers' needs. In this blog post, I will share Erjena's journey and how I helped her turn her business idea into reality.

Erjena had a clear vision for her startup, Medzie, a marketplace connecting medical practice assistants with medical practices to fill on-demand jobs. But her doubts about starting her own business made her hesitant. I remember our first call where we discussed the IMD startup strategy sessions, and Erjena wanted to find out if entrepreneurship was the right choice for her.

However, Erjena's doubts quickly dissipated as we worked together. She worked hard to validate her business idea and understand her customers' needs through interviews, and she had a team ready to start. All she needed was someone to guide her through the next steps. As an IMD startup strategist, I provided Erjena with the practical frameworks and tools to turn her business idea into a reality.

"Boris is extremely knowledgeable and has provided practical frameworks my team could apply in real-world scenarios. He has a strong network which is incredibly valuable. I highly recommend founders who take a leap from corporate to a startup environment, like I did, partner with Boris, who motivates and helps you focus on growth." Erjena Keller

One of the critical aspects of turning a business idea into a reality is having a deep understanding of the customer's needs. Medzie's mission is to help female medical practice assistants work flexibly and fill the gaps in medical practices. According to Erjena, "99% of medical practice assistants are females, and over 50% of young mothers stop working for some time to dedicate time to childcare. At some point, they wish to start working again or increase their workload as their children age, but the current system does not support anyone wishing to work under 50%."

Medzie's vision aligns with Erjena's personal and family experiences, and it's clear that she is passionate about helping women in the workforce. As her startup strategist, my job was to help her focus that passion on a growth strategy that would lead to Medzie's success.

Our collaboration pays off, and Medzie is now on its way to success. Erjena presented a clear concept, a validated business idea, and a team ready to go. She was able to leverage her experience, knowledge, and passion for her customers to create a platform that would make a real difference in the lives of women in the medical field.
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MARCH, 1 / 2023

Text author: Boris Manhart
Photography: Boris Manhart
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