Navigate Your Startup to Product-Market fit
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At Growth Unltd., we understand that one of the biggest challenges for startup founders is achieving product-market fit. That's why we offer expertise, guidance, funding, and structured approach to help you navigate this critical phase and prepare for a seed round. Our exceptional community of fellow entrepreneurs and experienced specialists is here to support you every step of the way. Let us help you build a company that endures and achieves long-term success.
  • Data-Driven Approach
    Focus on what matters and leverage data to achieve crucial milestones and reach your goals faster than ever before with our expert guidance.
  • PROVEN PMF Expertise
    Trust our seasoned entrepreneurs to guide you to product-market fit, implement best-practice frameworks, and succeed in building a thriving startup.
  • Pre-Seed Funding
    To support startups at an early stage in their journey, Growth Unltd. will offer investments ranging from CHF 50,000 to CHF 200,000.
Pitch and Assessment
Selected founders are invited to present their ideas to a round of experienced entrepreneurs. Additionally, we conduct a personality assessment of each founder to assess the competencies needed to succeed.
Company Design Crash Course
During the first two weeks, we will teach you the most critical aspects of building a company and establishing a collaborative partnership free of charge. This will help both parties determine if further collaboration and investment is a fruitful possibility.
Individual Approach
After that, we focus on the missing elements for successful scaling and create a step-by-step plan to get there and the team to support your startups success.
An Entrepreneur by Your Side
We implement best-practice frameworks and train the most promising founders to apply quality processes. By combining our expertise and your vision, we'll help you navigate the path to success at light speed.
Access to Leading Experts
Our team of experts covers all the essential questions, such as designing and creating a first landing page, running test campaigns, building a team to perform, creating and improving an MVP, and getting first traction.
Fill the Gaps
Our active problem-solving approach and temporary team gap-filling means you won't lose time iterating on minor issues.
Get Funding
We ensure you have enough funds to reach product-market fit and gain first traction.
Achieve product-market fit and build a successful startup with our expert guidance. Get funding ready with our proven approach. Let's make it happen!
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  • Boris Manhart

    Boris co-founded five companies, one becoming a unicorn and another a leading shopping app with millions of users. Since founding the incubator Centralway, he has shared his experience in venture building, product-market fit, and scaling as an advisor, board member, and startup strategist at the top-ranked business school IMD Lausanne.
  • Marc-Olivier Pittner

    Marc is a serial entrepreneur in the online marketing space. After his last exit, he spent a decade in the corporate media and telecom world, where he founded the venture builder PG Lab. Marc has a technical background, built leading online platforms and marketplaces, and is passionate about solving problems. As a board member, consultant, and futurist, he is driven by empowering teams and individuals.
In addition to working closely and constantly with our core team, you will also learn from and receive support from industry experts.
  • Janine Tricoire
    Demand Testing
    Janine works as a growth marketer for Speedinvest, one of Europe’s most active early-stage investors, and helped numerous teams to get to product-market fit and scale.
  • Pascal König
    Pascal is a serial entrepreneur who scaled Ava Women from inception to 8-digit revenue and raised several multi-million dollar rounds.
  • Ansuya Ahluwalia
    Ansuya is the founder of Anamii, a well-being platform. Previously, she worked as a Sr. software developer at Amazon. Ansuya holds an MSc in Computer Science from UCLA.
  • Dario Salice
    Dario is a professional in Security, and Online-Identities. With 12+ years experience as a Product Manager for companies like Google, Meta, and Swisscom he gained broad experience on how to solve complex problems.
  • Markus Popp
    Markus is a successful entrepreneur, board member, and angel investor. With his software company Mühlemann & Popp he builds new tech companies and supports founders.
  • Ruben Feurer
    The team's vast experience in identifying product-market fit helps us to move forward with fewer detours. Their approach keeps us focused on what's important.
  • Mahnoosh Mirghaemi
    Founder Colivar
    GROWTH UNLTD. helped me understand the market and who my clients are and enabled me to create the tool that relieves my clients’ pain points.
  • Dr. Dan Plews
    Founder EndureIQ
    The GROWTH UNLTD. team sees companies with a helicopter view with a great understanding of what does and doesn't matter to achieve company goals.
  • Erjena Keller
    Founder Medzie
    GROWTH UNLTD. has provided practical frameworks to me, and my team could apply them in real-world scenarios. Boris and his team have a strong network which is incredibly valuable.
— Who should apply to the program?
— Pre-seed founders actively working on an idea; you don't need a product or funding to apply. Our focus is on innovative tech business models that cater to underserved markets and positively impact the future. We welcome diverse entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks, are open to feedback, and have grand visions.
— What are the terms?
— In exchange for 5-10% of your company, we offer an investment of CHF 50,000 - 200,000 in 2-3 tranches that are linked to goal achievement.

— What are the goals of the program?
— Our expertise, guidance, and structured approach to achieving PMF will help your startup reach its goals faster, get first traction, and prepare for a seed round.
— Do I get more funding after finishing the program?
— Our financing is limited to the phase leading up to product-market fit and acquiring your first customers or users. Nonetheless, you'll have access to our network of investors and be able to present your idea at our demo day.
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