90% of Startups Fail due to Lack of Market and Funds
Founding teams often lose focus and make missteps. Those early mistakes cost time or, worst case, lead to companies that are doomed to fail. Additionally, the decline of seed capital hits especially startups with a missing network, underdeveloped data-driven attitude, and unclear business models hard.

Be Among the Other 10%
We're entrepreneurs and go beyond mentorship: Our six months program guides founders to product-market fit, and we implement and train best-practice frameworks. And we guarantee: You will reach your goals massively faster by focusing on what matters, understanding and leveraging data, using the right tools, reaching the crucial milestones, and becoming the leader you want to be.
  • Coaching
    Benefit from 1-on-1 coaching and leverage the knowledge for 25 years of entrepreneurship.
  • Tools
    Get cutting-edge curated frameworks, templates, and methodologies.
  • Support
    Get quick answers, help, or feedback anytime via the Slack channel.
  • Focus
    Grow your company by having a plan and focusing on the main things.
  • Network
    Benefit from our extended network of contacts with founders, high-quality service providers, and investors.

  • Experts
    Access to our experts in marketing, sales, fundraising, prototyping, and other relevant areas.
Who can Sign up?

Are you pre-product-market fit or pivoting? Able to invest a significant amount of time into coaching sessions, execution of tasks, reading, and learning? Willing to implement and use new tools and frameworks? Open to feedback?

If you answered YES to these requirements, then apply now! The costs are just CHF 1500 per month.

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