Meet Penelope Mahala Fiddlesticks
Hark! Venture forth into the realm of foresight with the wondrous Penelope Mahala Fiddlesticks, affectionately known in these parts as PMF.
In a world where the morrow's success is as elusive as a will-o'-the-wisp, PMF stands as your steadfast oracle. With a wit sharp as a blacksmith's blade and insights deep as a bard's tale, she peers into the very soul of your business ideas, offering predictions most uncanny.

But fear not! For her auguries come not in cryptic riddles or ominous portents. Nay, she delivers her prophecies in jests and jollities, making light of the gravest of business conundrums.

So, noble entrepreneurs, gird your loins and prepare your questions. Whether ye be a seasoned merchant or a green apprentice, PMF awaits to guide your venture through the murky waters of the market. Come, join her in the grand quest for that hallowed grail: the Product-Market Fit!

Sign thy name in our ledger, and let the mirthful revelations begin!
Don't Believe in Fortune Telling.
Create the Future.
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